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About Us

The title of consultant has come a long way since the movie Father of the Bride where Steve Martin writes off his new son-in-law with a simple analogy that “consultant = unemployed". In the last 30 years have we clearly defined this title? Perhaps not, but it has continued to develop as a known and respected discipline.

While the basic answer is to simply provide expert advice in their field, this is not Duke Consulting's definition. It is our mission to offer more than advice - and offer both strategies and tactics in Sales & Marketing to address your unique need. The ultimate goal is to be the first call you make with complete confidence that the reason you picked up the phone in the first place will be handled with precision and expertise.


Paige (Cabacungan) Duke

When reviewing experience, while the number of years is certainly important it is the varied business models and success stories that make Paige’s background notable. She has worked with brand owned, brand managed, franchise models and independent properties.

Leading teams of up to 70 individuals and creating successful metrics in all areas of revenue, including but not limited to group, business travel, leisure, 

wholesale/OTA, consortia, events, conference services, catering and auxiliary opportunities such as upsell, retail and rental. In the dozens of hotels that she has had oversight, every challenge and opportunity are different. This has created an innate talent for diagnosing and fixing the challenges in Sales and Marketing with immediate results.

Duke Consulting

While nobody can be an expert in recovering from a pandemic, Paige has overcome her share of economic downturns. Through events such as 9/11, SARS and the 2008 recession, she was able to lead her teams to winning star reports with the fastest hotels in the market to bounce back. Results are her passion, while always being mindful of values and property culture. 

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